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Piñata is a five-piece band from the beachside surf community of Scheveningen in the Netherlands. Their performances are an explosion of summer-infused party music, combining energetic reggae, hip hop and pop with latin, ska, mariachi and more.
What started as a group of friends jamming in the living room turned out to be one of the biggest bands in The Hague.
Within moments of the band hitting the stage, any audience, no matter how subdued, is transformed into a dancing mass of enthusiastic partygoers!

Biography Piñata

Imagine a Piñata, and it brings to mind thoughts of summer heat, raucous celebrations and a blur of colourful treats raining down on enthusiastic part-goers. Well this band couldn’t have picked a better name. On stage they’re a veritable explosion of raw energy and dammit, do these guys know how to throw a good party! Within moments of the band hitting the stage, any audience, no matter how subdued, is transformed into a moving mass of partygoers, and instead of candy, Piñata rains musical treats onto their ecstatic audiences.

Within one set, Piñata manages to combine energetic reggae, hip hop and pop, with latin, ska, mariachi and more. Their music echoes bands such as The Cat Empire, Sublime, Groundation and Relax (NL). Their songs range from the catchy pop-infused ‘She’s above my head’, all the way through to the Mexican/mariachi anthem ‘Piñata’, reflecting the eclectic musical backgrounds of the musicians themselves.


Piñata consists of lead singer Pintos Jansen whose raw smoky voice perfectly completes the Piñata sound, and whose frontman antics animates their enthusiastic audiences. Rinse Buurma adds the electronic flavour and catchy trumpet melodies that make Piñata so distinctive. Delivering intense guitar riffs and spacey layers, Roy-Victor Seriese (RV) rocks out on guitar.
Producing beats that range from ska and pop all the way to dub step, Ravian de Ruig (The Rough) drives the musical energy of the songs with his tight drumming style. Last but not least, Mark Lubbersen (Dark Mark) introduces a dose of funkiness to the mix with his bass lines.


Piñata was formed in early 2012 in the seaside surf town of Scheveningen in the Netherlands. The laidback artistic community centred around the surf village F.A.S.T., was the ideal creative hotbed for the band.

Piñata was the brainchild of lead singer Pintos Jansen, and keyboard player Rinse Buurma after the two met at a beachside jam session. They immediately discovered a musical click and began working together, with Pintos singing lively vocal lines over Rinse’s experimental beats. They soon added other local musicians to the line-up including bass player Mark Lubbersen and former-percussionist Koen van Duivenvoorde.

The band immediately hit the spot with their summer-infused, party music. Their first youtube clip, ” Life at FAST” gained over a thousand views in the first few days and from then on, the band were inundated with calls and requests to perform.
That summer they performed over 40 shows at various beach bars, venues and festivals, culminating with the hugely popular surf festival MadNes festival on the Dutch island of Ameland.

Soon after, the band toured along the popular surf spots in France, which meant a dream combination of surfing by day and performing by night. Other highlights included supporting Norwegian band Kakmaddafakka, and Dutch acts Jaya the Cat and Splendid.

At the end of a successful summer season, the band took a short break to reflect and regroup. The line-up, which had already undergone several changes, was now completed with the addition of Ravian de Ruig, on drums and Roy-Victor Seriese on guitar.  With this new formation, the band found a strong musical chemistry.

After this brief hiatus, the band exploded back onto the music scene in 2013, performing at a sell-out party festival organized by surf-brand Ongetemd. Staying true to their surf-scene roots, the band embarked on a further successful summer tour of France and Spain in 2013. Later that year the documentary about this tour was broadcasted by local television.

Their reputation as musicians and party-monger grew, and they continued to be booked for bigger gigs, such as performing at the popular Queensnight-festival: Life I Live, the national Bevrijdingsfestival and a special showcase during Quicksilver Pro in Hossegor, France. In recognition for their talent and success, the band was also nominated for a local, new talent award.

Droppin’ the Candy

In January 2014 Piñata started an 8-months lasting studio process working with producer Marcel Fakkers at the Sandlane- and the famous Wisseloord Studio’s.

The first single ‘All I know’ was dropped in June and became the soundtrack for the summer. While recording the rest of the album Piñata also appeared on stage at festivals such as Parkpop, Schollenpop and sold-out venues ‘de Melkweg’ and ‘de Effenaar’. They were selected to go on tour with the traveling festival ‘Popronde 2014’ and played in 17 cities throughout the Netherlands from September till November.

On October 10th 2014, after being in the studio for 8 months to find the right sound, Piñata finally released their long awaited debut album ‘Droppin’ the Candy’.
It was released at their home base the surfvillage F.A.S.T. in Scheveningen being completely packed. The album is made up of some of the favourite crowd-rousing tunes that they’ve crafted over two years of performing and touring.

They plan to build on their early success and bring their own brand of summer reggaepop to Europe and beyond!


Piñata is:

Pintos Jansen (vocals)
Rinse Buurma (keys / horns / melodica)
Roy-Victor Seriese (guitars / backing vocals)
Mark Lubbersen (bass)
Ravian de Ruig (drums)